Mindful Movements offers yoga, mindfulness, PT services, Sound Massage and Sound Baths for increased well-being both in your free time and at work. Other health-related program is also arranged in collaboration with partners. 

Personal Guidance 

If you want to practice self-care or need a break from everyday life then Mindful Movements is for you. By training your body and mind, you can become happier and more energetic while experiencing inner peace. We offer personal guidance individually or in groups at Mindful Movements’ comfortable studio (max. 10 people / group) or at a different location. Our instructors are experts and certified in their fields. We teach in Swedish, Finnish and/or English as needed.


A stress-free and creative everyday life

Imagine if we had a stress-free everyday life where we felt creative and focused, and we could use our full potential.

Is it possible to find balance between work and leisure, activity and rest?

Wishing you happiness, health, inner peace and tranquility.


Personal Training

Johanna offers PT services primarily for women over 40 who want to find inspiration to train their body and mind for a more balanced and joyful everyday life. Based on a holistic approach, she can adapt the training according to your needs. What do you need right now? Is it a restorative practice with yoga and mindfulness, strength training, endurance, flexibility or help with your diet? During the PT sessions, you can safely learn new forms of exercise in a peaceful environment at Mindful Movements Studio and then continue the training on your own at home, outdoors or at the gym.


Welcome to book Personal Training for yourself or your group. Sound Massage and Sound Baths according to the Peter Hess® method are offered as new programs this autumn. Mindful yoga classes are held starting 29th of August 2023. Circuit training for retired and PT-classes in a small group will be held in Swedish during autumn term.