Sound massage

Sound massage according to the Peter Hess® method is a form of deep relaxation that offers you a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The gentle hum and vibrations from the singing bowls can provide both calm and energy while dissolving any tension in the body. Focusing on the singing bowls also gives the mind a break so you can reconnect with yourself and see your strengths and needs more clearly.

The singing bowls are placed on your clothed body or close to the body while you are comfortably lying down. Some elements of the sound massage may also be performed sitting or standing. The bowls are played in a particular way that brings harmony to body and mind.

Peter Hess® sound massage does not replace medical or therapeutic care.

Call or email me to book an appointment for sound massage.


  • 1 time 65 euros
  • 3 times 180 euros

For more information about the Peter Hess® method and related research, visit the International Association of Sound Massage Therapy website: 

“The sound from the singing bowls touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self-healing forces and sparks creative energies” Peter Hess© Founder

Sound bath

Sound baths are held for groups either at Mindful Movement's studio or a location of your choice. Take a break from everyday life with a sound bath according to the Peter Hess® method. I mainly play on various sized singing bowls made of bronze and fen gong. The sound and vibrations from the singing bowls have a soothing effect, bringing your body and mind into harmony. The room fills with soft sounds that help you to find inner peace. At the same time, you can let go of any worries as you focus your attention on the sounds and how they affect your body and mind. During a sound bath, you can lie on a yoga mat on the floor, or sit comfortably on a chair.

Sound baths may well be combined with yoga, mindfulness and elements from the Peter Hess® sound massage. Welcome to book a sound bath for your group or join Mindful Movement's group lessons that include a sound bath.